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Société des Cincinnati

de France

The Société des Cincinnati de France, like the Daughters of the Cincinnati, which was founded in 1894, and the Society of the Cincinnati, which was founded in 1783, seeks to keep alive the spirit of the Revolutionary Officers who termed themselves “Cincinnati,” and who organized themselves into a society at the conclusion of the American Revolution, electing as their first president,  General George Washington.    We are a Society of Friends.


Eligibility to the Société des Cincinnati de France is restricted to the direct and collateral descendants of officers of the Army, Navy, and Marines who served during the Revolution.  This included officers from all thirteen original colonies, as well as officers of the French army and navy who had served in America

The book "Original Members and Other Officers Eligible to the Society of the Cincinnati" is considered authoritative, as are many other standard reference works, as to the service of the Revolutionary officer.